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Water soluble adhesives (PVA)
Tyrocol  IG 3Tyrocol IG 3

Tyrocol IG 3

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Water Based glue with increase water resistance.

  Propeties: Tyrocoll IG3 is an aqueous glue with increased water resistance. Used as one component meets the requirements of strain group D3 of EN 204. Used as two components with Reticulante DA (5%) meets the requirements D4 of EN 204. It’s fast setting glue with high heat resistance ( 80-90ºC).

 Applications: Assembling doors, windows, stairs where humidity resistance is required. Stuck surfaces of decorative paper and HPL laminates. Stuck clumps of wood. Bonding by high frequency. Stick of sheet of wood with paper.

 Working haracteristics: Good results are obtained by the following conditions:

  Environment and the materials temperature 18-20ºC
  Wood humidity 8-10%
  Application One way only
  Open time 8-12 minutes
  Time under pressure
   Hot press decorative paper 5-10 seconds
   High frequency 30-60 seconds
   HPL ( Hot press) 45-60 seconds
   Assembling 8-12 minutes
   Solid wood 10-15 minutes

 Technical characteristics:

Based Dispersion: Pvac
Appearance: matt
pH: from 2,5 to 3,5
Minimum film forming: +6ºC
Viscosity: 100-200 Pas.

 Classification: Tyrocol IG 3 is not classified as a dangerous chemical according to EU regulations.

 Storage: If store in original container between +5ºC to 30ºC has self life of 9 months.

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